What is our 3D printing service?

Welcome to our 3D printing service for kids! We know our technology club students love to design and 3D print their creations so we wanted to open this up as an online service!

  • Create your design in your preferred software (we LOVE the free online website Tinkercad) and export your design as a .stl file type
  • Select the 3D printing service below and add on the postage if required.
  • Once paid please email the .stl file to us at holly@stemventuri.org
  • We will review your design, rescale it if required to fit onto our printers, slice it and print it.
  • We post prints out every Wednesday or you can collect them from us in Hilton, Derbyshire.
  • Sit back and wait for your design to be sent to you 🙂

If you need help with your 3D design at all have a look for our online courses.

All of our designs are printed in the non-toxic material PLA. We would still recommend that this is not ingested or used as a food item. We can print in food-safe PLA if requested for designs such as cookie cutters, cutlery etc – please email us before hand to discuss this.

Please note: this service is designed predominantly for kids aged 7 – 14. There are many online 3D printer shops for those looking for designs to be printed in alternative materials, or for more complex prints.

For any 3D printing support or questions please contact holly@stemventuri.org