Summer Online Coding Courses

We are running four online coding courses this summer, all suitable for beginners aged 7+.


This live course is aimed at younger kids who are interested in learning to code. We absolutely love Scratch at STEM Venturi. Through various different themed challenges, students will learn to:

– move their character around the screen

– introduce sounds

– use different backgrounds

– introduce a score keeping system using variables

– and so much more!

Ability: Beginners – experienced

Requirements: Laptop/computer and internet connection. All of the coding is carried out in the website which you can use with an account or without. No preparation is required prior to the course – just log on and have fun!


Each day we will be introducing basic coding concepts whilst playing Minecraft.

This is one of our most popular courses – we combine Holly’s coding experience with your kids’ Minecraft knowledge to complete different quests and challenges whilst also learning to code. There are laughs a-plenty as things inevitably don’t turn out as we expected but as a group we will problem solve to put things right!

This is an excellent way to get kids engaged in coding in a fun and familiar environment.

We will be using the Minecraft Education Edition. If you do not already have a copy of this please download it free of charge from the Minecraft Education Edition website. You will be given log in details at the start of the course.

Requirements: Laptop/computer, internet connection, Minecraft Education Edition

Ability: This course is suitable for those students with some prior Minecraft experience.


On this course we will explore engineering concepts such as electricity, renewable energy, futuristic cities, sustainable farming and more, whilst completing different build challenges.

Each session will have a different challenge, set by Holly! The students will be encouraged to share their plans as they build. They will also be asked to present their build at the end of the sessions if they wish to. This develops communication skills and boosts the students confidence in front of peers.

To get the most out of the course we encourage the use of Minecraft on a PC rather than a gaming device. This enables the students to screen share with the tutors if there are any questions or issues during the course. However you can still join on a gaming device, as long as it is the Bedrock edition, our server is not compatible with the Java edition of Minecraft.

Requirements: Laptop/computer and internet connection. Bedrock edition of Minecraft, not Java.

Ability: This course is suitable for those students with some prior Minecraft experience.


The students will be introduced to basic coding concepts while completing different projects in Python. This course is suitable for ages 12+. No previous Python experience required, however we will have some stretch projects ready for those who have programmed in Python before!

Projects will include:

– Learning basic programming skills such as loops, logic and debugging.

– Writing and solving a crime story

– Creating an artistic masterpiece in Python

Learning a programming language can take years, this course is designed to give a fun introduction to the language in preparation for more learning at a later stage.

No software is required as all of the coding is done on the website which you will need to create a log in for prior to the session.

Requirements: Log in created for

Ability: Suitable for 12 years +, no previous Python experience required.