This policy applies to the physical technology clubs that STEM Venturi runs from the 1st September 2020. It will be updated at regular intervals as the Government guidance evolves. 

Social Distancing

Students shall be allocated a space at a desk with at least 2 meters between them and the adjacent student. There will be times where students move around the room, in these instances students will be kept in small groups to allow social distancing measures to be maintained wherever possible. 


All equipment including, but not limited to, chairs, tables, electronic equipment and door handles will be cleaned by STEM Venturi before and after each session. This is in addition to the hiring venue’s own cleaning schedule. The room will also be kept as ventiated as possible through the opening of windows and doors where appropriate. 


Students will be allocated their own set of kit that will be theirs for the duration of the club. This kit shall be sanitised after each session and stored in a named plastic bag or box depending on the equipment. No other student will touch that equipment between sessions. 


If a student, or a member of the student’s household, is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, STEM Venturi asks that you stay away from the sessions for at least 14 days to minimise the risk of transmission to other attendees. 

How to contact us

If you have any questions about STEM Venturi’s COVID-19 policy please do not hesitate to contact us. Email us at:


Date 4th August 2020

Holly Davies, Director