Home Education Groups

We provide a blend of coding and STEM teaching, with team work projects designed to develop social development skills. Our sessions are specifically not similar to a school environment. Parents can choose to stay with students, or to leave them with us. We understand if students need a break, or a change of scenery, during the sessions.

Examples of some of the projects and activities are:

Game Design: students will be designing their own characters, backgrounds and storylines. We will then teach them the code to bring these games to life!

3D Design: Designing for 3D printing is a skill – knowing which shapes work and which don’t, how to optimise the design for printing, which materials are best…we teach the students all of these whilst supporting them to design either own unique project.

Electronics: we will be working with conductive tape, LEDs and batteries to create simple circuits. The students will then be encouraged to design their own projects using a variety of different materials.

Rube Goldberg machines: use whatever you can find in the hall to make your own Rube Goldberg machine! This involves experimentation, problem solving, physics concepts and creativity.

In 2024 we will be offering short term courses on specific topics. These will require booking in advance. Please stay in touch for dates and locations of these courses.

Want a session near you?

If you are interested in coding or STEM sessions for your home education group please get in touch with us. We offer in person or online sessions to suit you and can tailor the curriculum to suit your education objectives. Sometimes it is nice to let someone else take the reins – contact us today to see what we can do for you.